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April 30 2015

300+ followers giveaway (cos you guys are awesome)


Okay guys so this blog now has just over 300 followers and first of all I love each and every one of you. I have no idea why any of you would follow me at all. But all of you do and some of you are still here from when I first started out on this blog and I’m just so fucking grateful for that cos all of you are bloody awesome and amazing.
So on to the second point, to say thanks for all of you following me on here I’m setting up this give away. The prize? A hand made plush item made by me. It can be any character (from any franchise, your OC, anything you want within reason. If I feel like I cannot make your request I may ask for another option cos I wanna make the best possible item for you).

image image

These are just two examples of what I’ve made. The item made for the winner will be as detailed as I can make it and will be around the A4 size (a lot bigger than I generally make them).

You need to be following me. This is to say thanks for following me so yeah, logic and stuff.

1 reblog and 1 like each (this is so I can keep track of everything).
There will be one winner and they will be picked out randomly using an online raffle draw.
This will be international, so you need to be cool with giving me your address so I can send it to you. Also your ask box needs to be open.
The winner will have 78 hours to respond otherwise a new winner will be picked and so on.

The giveaway will end in a months time, 24th May. So yeah, go ahead and good luck to you all :)


Church acting like a dork in episode 2 of MIA will always be my favorite thing

Seeing him happy enough to have fun of his own free will just fills me with pure joy

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 Think I just died. 

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RT Pilots: Free Play
Become a sponsor to view the episode! <3
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you know those days you sometimes have? the days that seem totally ordinary when you wake up, but by the time you go to sleep that night, your whole life is divided into before that day and after that day? this is one of those days.

ms. marvel 013


image image

same burnie



how is this real



i mean like you can still like letsplayers and shit whatever i dont care but dont turn a blind eye when theyre being shitty and especially dont make fun of people for being hurt by things they do/say

lookin at you markiplier fans :) stop trying to pretend hes harmless

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- You’re in!
- You’re out!

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look at these adorable dorks

Oh god no 

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We’re debuting a new show today at 1 PM CT for Sponsors! Here’s a sneak peek.

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shades of emerald

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They’re discussing aliens, among other things. Seriously, though, do you know how hard it was to find a place they could hang out alone? Thank god for Dr Grey, since Wash needed a break from the chaos of civil war.

For the-meta

Click this link to see what’s up!

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